Sunday, April 4, 2010


I've been a fan of the Scott eVest for some time now, ever since my spouse gifted one to me. It is the perfect layered garment for a geek living in an occasionally chilly part of the country (plus, you have to love a company that puts X-Ray views of their clothing on their website). It comes with 22 pockets for electronic gear which are connected by a network of cloth conduits for cables. So far, I've only been brave enough to use 2 or 3 of these pockets. As it is, I have a hard enough time with only 4 pants pockets trying to keep MiFi routers and USB drives from an unplanned session of data laundry. However, once I finish installing our home laundry fluoroscopy unit, I'll feel brave enough to start using some of the more arcane chambers in my vest.

When the iPad was first announced, Scott was quick to point out that their eVest was probably the only stock garment on the planet that would hold a iPad without alterations. My iPad does, indeed, fit nicely in my left eVest pocket. However, I feel like I'm listing a bit to the left when I carry it there.

Where vests lead, can pants not follow? I spotted the following ad last month, and am still not sure whether it is actually a legitimate product. However, I'm glad that someone is thinking way outside the box on this issue, gag or no.


Unknown said...

Fantastic! I must have one of these :) Who knew such a garment even existed. Hope to see you writing more posts!

Amanda Brand
The X-Ray Chic

ashley said...

It's actually a gag, or at least social commentary:

I am writing a feature article at about iClothing, and I'm wondering if I can use your review of the ScotteVest for my article.

Please email me at I can send you a link to one of my features if you want to see a sample.