Saturday, January 24, 2009

There Must Be a Story Behind That Name


One of the great pleasures of traveling is getting to savor the tasty names that people give their towns and streets.

When I drove home from college, I would occasionally pass through the tiny town of Hye, Texas. Entering town, I'd pass a sign that said "Hye", and then, a few hundred feet later, see a sign that said "Bye" on my way out of town.

Since then, I've driven through Old Dime Box, TX, Truth or Consequences, NM, Boring, OR and George, WA.

However, England has been at this a lot longer than we have. They seem to have a definite lead in the wacky name department, as evidenced by this hilarious report just out in the New York Times.

And don't get me started on Austrian town names...

(via Movin' Meat)

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