Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pandora's Other Box

Text-messaging and online social networks are just two of the current tools teens use to make their parents feel hopelessly old. Now it's their turn to feel like clueless geezers, because texting has moved on to the womb.

Expectant moms can now strap on Kickbee, a sensor-filled elastic band that turns fetal kicks into Twitters like the following:
Kickbee: I kicked Mommy at 06:45PM on Thu, Dec 18!
The UK Daily Mail is leading so far in the pun war with this headline:
Pregnancy belt allows unborn babies to open Facebook 'chat-womb'
Uterine hacking (so to speak) is no longer confined to caesarean deliveries. Geeky parents can now consider other possibilities, such as tracking fetal movements with GPS chips and ultrasonic fetal webcams.

Is that a tiny keyboard clutched in that fetal fist?...


(via Smart Mobs)

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radsblogger said...

I think it's an iuPhone... you know, intrauterine Phone =) Heh, Apple sure does get that 'young' crowd early.