Monday, May 19, 2008

Skull Fonts from Skull-A-Day

I just learned of this great free font, called Skullphabet #1.  It's just the thing for pirates, radiologists, anatomy geeks, or for anyone about to pen a ransom note.

It also has a younger brother, known as Skullphabet #2.  Both can be found on the Skull-A-Day site, where the author has the self-imposed task of "making a skull image every day for a year".  Episode 351 was just posted today, so don't miss the exciting denouement, showing soon on a web browser near you.  This site also looks like a great place to buy things (i.e. T shirts and other skull paraphernalia) for that hard-to-shop-for radiologist in your life.

1 comment:

Vijay said...

Thanks for the links. Downloaded them. My daughter likes these kind of fun fonts.