Monday, April 5, 2010

The Apple Store: role model for clinics & FEMA

Two quick insights after picking up my iPad on Saturday:

Medical clinics could learn a lot about customer care and clinic efficiency from watching Apple Stores on normal days.

FEMA could learn a lot about efficient emergency response from watching Apple Stores on iProduct Launch days.


1 Cell Of Many said...

They would have to do more than "watch", they would need to learn how to train and motivate the staff to emulate the Apple store!

Anonymous said...

I had the same reaction when I bought my brand new shiny MacBook Pro laptop last month! These people made spending my money a completely pleasant experience!

Medical personnel could learn a lot from Apple, Nordstrom, Disney, and other corporate leaders in customer service. The difference: Apple, Nordstrom and Disney patrons are not in pain, ill, frightened, anxious or upset during their encounters with staff - while we patients frequently are whenever we go in for tests and procedures.

I wrote about this in "An Open Letter To All Hospital Employees" after an appallingly distressing echocardiogram appointment -