Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Anatomically Incorrect

Street Anatomy has a great post on work by Björn Johansson, a very talented Swedish graphic designer and illustrator. Johansson titles this work: Anatomy of a Typeface. I, too, would love to see more of this anatomically incorrect (but wonderfully so) font.

Typeface anatomy by Björn Johansson
Anatomy and bones being central to my line of work, I was intrigued enough to click through to Johansson's website. I had a bit of trouble navigating through his site (my browser, possibly), but did find there some related work of his -- the "handwritten" font below.

Handwritten font by Björn Johansson
However, one of my favorite examples of anatomic typography is shown below.  This bit of font fu comes from the world of soccer, and involves quite different body parts. Read the hilarious setup for these posters at "Trash talking in the soccer world" by AdFreak.

Brazil vs. Argentina posters

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