Thursday, November 27, 2008

RSNA Survival Kit No. 5

I'm probably not the only radiologist who has longed for some virtual way of chewing their leg off to escape the trap of a truly boring presentation. I therefore did something a little wacky 2 weeks ago, while assembling my RSNA Anti-Boredom Countermeasures Kit™:

Most items in this kit have so far been extremely practical. The latest addition is there purely because I thought it would be cool. After eyeing ads for the MyVu Crystal video goggles for a few months, I took the plunge and bought one for my iPhone.

I should point out that this is not a picture of me. However, if you spot one of these headsets on someone in the meeting crowd, it might be me. Introduce yourself and find out.

So far, the Crystal works as advertised, and displays a virtual 640 x 480 TV screen of acceptable clarity, brightness and color. In a quick test, the virtual screen appeared about 30% wider than our 27" home TV screen when viewed from our living room couch. The audio quality for the built-in earbuds is also quite acceptable.

One caveat for myopic users: if you normally wear glasses, you will also need to order their Myvu Clip-on corrective lens kit. Otherwise, it will be like watching a TV from across the room with your glasses off. Their clip-on kit comes with -2 and -4 diopter options, as well as a blank template you can use to get a custom prescription from your eye doctor.

If I don't see you at the meeting this year, I now have a whole new excuse...

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