Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Weird Body Quiz

In a desperate attempt to take my mind off the "E" word today, I stumbled across The Weird Body Quiz at the New York Times site. It's probably a good thing I went into radiology instead of specializing in weird body facts -- I scored a paltry 60%.

This quiz is taken from a list of unusual medical questions compiled by a surgeon and her teenage daughters called "Why Don't Your Eyelashes Grow? Curious Questions Kids Ask About the Human Body". Sounds like just the place to get some just-in-time CME on boogers, hiccups, pee and farts.


Zorg said...

I got 33%, but at least a couple of the answers are clearly wrong.

For example, according to the test, humans are the only species with a distinct border around their lips. Obviously, the writer of that test has never owned a dog or seen a gorilla, both of which have lips that are clearly distinct from the rest of their body.

I was interested to see that in ever question where "All of the above" was an option, it was the correct answer.

And finally, anyone who thinks that humans only fart on average 13 times per day could be true, but I suspect that a few gasbags have skewed the results for the rest of us. Take the gasbags out of the sample and I'm sure that my guess of 4x per day is much closer to the mark!

Mezo said...

i got 4/10
nice blog, i rlly liked ur style :)
im sure i'll be back here