Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Autostitching the Big Apple v 3.0

I hope it doesn't seem as if I've gone completely off the deep end about Autostich here in NYC. It never came up at all during most of the things we did today, including several tasty meals, the Hayden Planetarium show or the Broadway production (Westside Story) we saw this evening.

However, we also spent the afternoon at the wonderful American Museum of Natural History, where there were way too many large photogenic objects that were beyond my ability to resist. Here are my favorites, along with the number of images I used to create them.

Ginormous Northwest Native American dugout canoe, 6 images:

Same canoe, different angle, 3 images:

Views from both ends of the Hall of Biodiversity -- a stunning way to convey the concept of just how many species we have on this planet, 4 and 5 images, respectively:

Beryl exhibit in Hall of Minerals. Stills like this are easy to get with the iPhone even in low light -- pasting the phone against the glass case steadies it as well as any tripod -- 7 images:

Ichthyosaurus skeleton, 2 images:

Pterodactyl skeleton, 2 images:

Brontosaurus, 8 images:

Tyrannosaurus rex, 8 images:

Stegosaurus, 12 images:

Triceratops skull, 4 images:

Triceratops skeleton, 4 images:

Mammoth and mastodon skeletons, 4 images:

Tomorrow, Autostitch meets the new Yankee Stadium!

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