Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Autostitching the Big Apple v 4.0

Since it was next door to our hotel, we took a college tour of the Juilliard School this morning. Looks like a swell place, but probably not the best fit for my son, whose musical tastes, shall we say, are somewhat orthogonal to most Juilliard norms. I did use part of the tour time to grab this quick Autostich panorama of the Paul Recital Hall there, using 6 images:

Then we hopped the D train up to the Bronx, and watched the Yankees beat the Orioles 6 - 4. It's a very nice stadium -- if they can consistently fill it up with enough hungry and thirsty fans every game, they might just be able to make payroll on their team of millionaires. I grabbed two panoramas -- an exterior view (3 images), and an interior view (28 images):

The Orioles hit two successive home runs in the last inning, which elicited some interesting crowd behavior from the Yankee fans.

The first was caught by a lady about 50 feet from us. The Yankees fans began yelling, "Throw it back! Throw it back!" Then, when she tossed it back to the left fielder, they all cheered. We were puzzled by this behavior, so my brother quizzed a local about it. Apparently, home run balls hit by Yankees are highly prized and kept. Balls hit by opposing teams are regarded as offal, and are expelled back onto the field as waste.

The same thing happened with the next home run ball to right field. From our left field seats, it looked like a mighty amoeba snarfing up a food particle and then spitting it back out in disgust.

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