Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hand Dryer Fu

After a tasty but messy dinner tonight, I went to the restroom to wash my hands. No paper towels for this restaurant -- they had an Xlerator XL-SB dryer. This creature cranks out a torrent of air and sounds like a jet engine revving up. The manufacturer claims this will dry your hands in 10 - 15 seconds, a lot faster than those girly man hand dryers we've all tried to use for years.


I'm a bit skeptical of this claim, as was the reviewer for the Poop Report. Though this device truly honks , my hands took more like 20 - 25 seconds to dry. In my case, this just meant more time for mischief.

As the air blasted the water off my hands, I noticed that my hand position was similar to the one I used to use for two-hand whistling. With a few conscious positional adjustments, my hands began to howl with loud keening sound. This was fun, so I played with my intonation and tone for a while. Finally, however, I realized that it was giving the willies (so to speak) to a guy at a nearby urinal. So I stopped. For now.

We have five more days in Manhattan. Hopefully I can find another one of these units. If so, The Phantom of the XL-SB will ride again...


Dalai said...

Our local airport has the Dyson Airblade dryers,

THESE work better than any others I have ever used. If they weren't so darn expensive, I'd get one for my house!

Enjoy New York!

The Samurai Radiologist said...

@ Dalai: Coooool!

Hope I run across one soon -- It will be fun to see what kinds of sounds I can get out of one of those monsters.

NY was fun -- I'll look forward to my next visit.

Blaz said...

I've seen the Mitsubishi model around, too.

These things work and they don't get water everywhere.