Saturday, July 18, 2009

Made Men

We flew to NY City today for a week with my brother and his kids. A courtesy copy of the July/August issue of Manhattan magazine awaited us in our room. My spouse made sure that I read the following two paragraphs from a restaurant review on page 100...
"Il Molino!" a friend squealed when I told her I'd be visiting the storied West Village Italian restaurant for dinner. I'd been in New York for more than a decade and had passed the large plate-glass windows with their drawn eyelet curtains hundreds of times, but had never actually dined there. "I love that place," she chimed "They give you so much free stuff!"

A week later my friend Lawrence and I crowd into the waiting area near the restaurant's entrance, coming within earshot of a group of thick-necked guys with bellowing voices. "Made men?" I ask Lawrence. "From the sound of it, actually radiologists, " he says.

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